Process a Sale on Business Center

It’s simple for your customers to use Synchrony financing to make a purchase. Once your customer is approved, process the transaction to complete the sale.


To process a sale, go to, log in, and follow these steps:

At the top of the page, select “Sales Tools.” Choose “Enter a Transaction” from the drop-down menu.

Select a financing program from the drop-down menu that the transaction will be applied to.

Choose your transaction type.

· Purchase: Applies funds from the consumers account towards the transaction being ran.
· Refund: Funds for a specific transaction are credited back into the consumer’s account.
· Authorization Only: Holds funds in a consumer’s account against their total credit line for future funds allocation towards an actual purchase transaction. An authorization code is generated.
· Forced Purchase: A purchase transaction that utilizes a previous authorization only code to apply actual funds from the consumer’s account towards a transaction.


Enter the customers account number. If manually entered then you are required to enter in the Card Security Code from the back of the card and Expiration Date. If no Expiration Date check “This card has no Expiration Date”.
Click Next to continue.

If card is NOT present, check box for “The card is not present”. Click Next to continue.

*Synchrony Home and Synchrony Car Care cards require an expiration date.

If card is present and swiped, there are no changes to transaction process.



Enter the purchase amount.

Enter the first and last name of the cardholder. (If you looked up the cardholder’s account, their name will appear. You may need to select the exact name that matches the cardholder.)

Note: Ask the customer to present a valid form of ID to verify that the person presenting the card or using the account is authorized.


Trans/Promo Code: Enter the desired 3-digit promotion code to use with this transaction. If a preferred list of promotions has been set up for use, choose the desired promotion code from the drop-down menu.

Invoice Number: You can enter an invoice number if desired.


If you checked “The card is not present” box (or if you performed an account lookup) on the previous screen then you will be required to document a valid primary ID and verify the person making the purchase is named above. Select ID from the ID Type drop down, enter expiration date and state.

Select the “Submit” button. The transaction has been submitted.