My Customer List

See a list of your cardholders and their available credit.


To see your ‘My Customer List’, go to, log in, and follow these steps:

Select “Management Tools” from the top navigation bar, and select “My Customer List” from the drop-down menu.

Select your program.

Enter your criteria for Last Purchase Date.

Next, enter the amount for Open to Buy Minimum, Open to Buy Maximum, and click “Search”.

Optimize your My Customer List

Your My Customer List is a list of credit card holders who have opened an account at your business within the last 24 months. Access your My Customer List today- it’s easy and it’s absolutely free!
Let these customers you value their business! These accountholders have a credit card that they can use at your place of business. Their accounts are in good standing with Synchrony Bank. They’re simply waiting for you to reach out to them and invite them back!

Why should you use the list?


  • Drive your customers back to your business for additional purchases and/or services
  • Maintain relationships and create a stream of business
  • Keep your business at the top of their mind
  • Reduce costs-it’s far less expensive to maintain a current customer than it is to acquire a new one
  • Measure advertising effectiveness

What can you do with it?


  • Thank your customers with a special offer
  • Design and send direct mail to your customers
  • Invite your customers to special events
  • Offer your customers a gift card/incentive for their next purchase