How To Use

See how easy it is to complete your most-used tasks. You’ll be done and back to business in no time.

Sales Instructions

Process an Application
It’s quick and easy for customers to apply for financing.


Process a Sale on Business Center
Once your customer is approved, process the transaction to complete the sale.

Customer Account Lookup
Quickly answer questions and find information about a customer’s account.


Request a Credit Limit Increase
Your customers have the opportunity to get what they really want, while you can process bigger transactions.

Manager Instructions

Registration Instructions
Register on Business Center to easily use and manage your financing program.


Promotion Management
Move more quickly through transactions and get back to business!


My Customer List
See a list of your cardholders and their available credit.

Manage Users
Give users the right level of access to the information they need.


Business Center Reporting
Monitor the performance of your financing program with a variety of reports.