Disputes Documentation Requests

This tool is designed to make your fraud and dispute process faster and easier by allowing you to manage it all in Business Center. Receive claims as an email instead of a fax, upload information and documents directly to the online tool and view all claims in one searchable tool.



Disputes Documentation Requests: FAQ’s

1. What is the Disputes Documentation Requests tool?

We are replacing our notification process for disputes/fraud claims from fax to an online portal that will sync with Business Center.

2. What the new portal will provide?

  • Direct access from Business Center to the Disputes Documentation Requests Tool.
  • A Dashboard of all dispute documentation requests for viewing all open, pending and recently closed disputes to better manage all incoming/closed requests for reporting, staff training and/or other needs.
  • The ability to electronically upload and send all documentation required in support of the dispute.
  • Real time email and portal communications of new, pending, and recently closed disputes
  • Email notifications of new disputes, reminder and resolution.
  • An alert notification for new dispute once signed into Business Center
  • The ability to track, manage, and filter dispute requests based on the following criteria:
    • Status
    • Dispute Reason(s)
    • Last 8 digits of account number
    • Amount
    • Accountholder name
    • Date

3. I received a fax vs the new Disputes Documentation Requests tool.

  • If the claim was sent prior to the enrollment date, we will still honor the fax notice date and due date – response is still needed via fax for these claims.
  • If fax came after enrollment, please contact dispute resolution or fraud investigations number listed on the fax cover sheet to inquire about why it was not entered in to LMTS.
    • In some rare cases, an older transaction date or other pertinent account activity prevents submitting disputes and/or fraud claims via the online portal.  In these instances, because we still have the responsibility to reasonably research and investigate these claims in a timely manner, we will contact the provider via fax.

4. I don’t see Disputes Documentation Requests tool under management tools.

Please contact your location administrator to have the functionality turned on for your user ID. They can find this under the Administrator tab then manage users.

5. The Disputes Documentation Requests tool does not pop up when I click on it under the management tools.

To access the tool, you will need to enable pop up blockers on your computer. The tool will pop up in a separate window.

6. How do I sort my fraud claims and disputes?

Within the dispute’s details page each column can ascend or descend under the open dispute’s documentation requests.

7. Can I export my fraud claims and disputes to excel. 

More information on this feature will be available soon.

8. I cannot upload documents in the Disputes Documentation Requests tool.

Ensue that the file is less than 5 MB and is a common image or document type such as PDF, jpeg or a file from the Microsoft suite.

9. I received multiple emails for one reference ID.

  • You will receive multiple emails as the case migrates through the process. Emails such as initial, reminder and resolution are among the emails that you will receive.
  • The same proc ID may be used for more than one transaction as well.

10. Where can I locate training tools for the Disputes Documentation Requests tool?

Under the preventing chargeback tab you can find the user guide and how to video too learn how to navigate the disputes documentation requests tool.